Don’t Lose Your Top Performers

Are your top performers satisfied at your business? Hopefully you have an open dialog with your employees, and you have an idea of how they’re feeling about their jobs. However, there are some things that signal an employee’s impending departure. A recent article from The Creative Group looks at these signs. Here are some things to watch for:


  • Has the employee become more withdrawn socially? Some people are naturally more introverted than others, but if employees who were once friendly with their coworkers start keeping to themselves and declining social invitations, that could be a sign.
  • Has your employee’s work product declined? If your once-attentive employee is now missing deadlines and making sloppy mistakes, there could be a reason.
  • Have you noticed a change in your employee’s attitude? Maybe your employee was once a team player, but now makes snarky remarks during team meetings, or simply does not play well with others anymore.

Of course, all of these issues could be unrelated to job satisfaction. There could be issues going on in your employees’ personal lives that are causing these changes. Talk with your employee one-on-one to see what’s going on and what solutions are available.

For more information, including proactive solutions to keeping your top performers, see the full article.