How to Keep Your Refund and Identity Safe During Tax Season

Every year people are being robbed of millions of dollars, they aren’t being held up at gun point, and they often don’t even know it’s happening. Though federal agencies are ramping up security measures, identity theft is still a major issue plaguing consumers and it is up to those consumers to keep their identities safe. Below are examples of how to stay safe:


Pay attention to your bank and credit accounts. If something shows up that you don’t remember, check your records and verify that you made the transaction. Thieves can sit idle siphoning off little bits of money over years. With the recent data breeches from large corporations, even if you are extremely careful, you are at risk.

File Early

 There are many benefits to filing early. Getting your refund check is the perfect starting point. With the new security measures in place this year, filers can expect to see more delays. By filing earlier, tax payers are giving the IRS more time to process their forms.

 Strong Passwords

When using any online resource that contains your Social Security Number and/or bank information, it is advisable to use a complicated or strong password. The more unique the password, the harder it will be for a thief to steal your information.

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