Judge Issues Possible Death Blow to Overtime Changes

Last week, the same Texas judge who originally struck down the overtime rules proposed by the Obama Administration, upheld his ruling. Many experts see this as the final blow for the proposed increase in the number of workers who would be eligible for overtime compensation. In the article, author David O’Connor writes, “Federal District Court Judge Amos Mazzant on Thursday struck down the overtime rules proposed during the Obama administration that would have greatly expanded the number of people due overtime pay”.

In this article O’Connor discusses:

  • The end of the overtime proposal?
  • What the court’s decisions implies
  • An injunction issued last November

Karen Young, president of HR Resolutions LLC said, “as a practitioner who works with small employers, this is outstanding news. Many of our clients were concerned with how they would function with their current staff size and the additional burden of making the choice between increasing salaries or budgeting/limiting overtime”.

To read more, see the full article from David O’Connor in the Central Penn Business Journal.