Talent and Tech Are How Small Businesses Can Level the Playing Field

Business growth can stall due to lack of identity. Business owners should focus on their strengths while leveraging new technology to create a competitive advantage.  

In an article from Entrepreneur, author Nancy Harris writes, “A recent survey conducted by our company, Sage, found the top challenges for small and medium-sized businesses included domestic competition, new economic policies and regulations, hiring the right talent and finding time to focus on business growth. The people and products needed to overcome these hurdles exist today. Small- and medium-sized businesses just need to know where to start”.

In the article, Harris discusses:

  • Build trust and authentic company culture during the hiring process
  • Adapt operations to a mobile-first workforce
  • Tap into automation to enable growth and innovation
  • Looking towards the future

Harris continues, “ Leaders must think critically about how technologies such as AI and mobile enhancements can help them navigate a new regulatory landscape, cut costs, focus on business growth opportunities and hire the right people. As our recent survey confirmed, small-business owners should recruit strong talent and turn to technology with strong potential to decrease the time spent on administrative tasks”. How does your small business level the playing field?

To read more, see the full article from Nancy Harris in Entrepreneur.