Tips as Generation Z Enters the Workforce

As graduation season comes to an end, there is a renewed sense of motivation from those who are beginning  their careers. These graduates are not from the Millennial generation, but rather are their own new generation who bring independence, competition, and motivation from the fear of missing out to the workplace.

Ken Tysiac article in the Journal of Accountancy describes how this new generation – labeled ‘Generation Z’ – brings a totally new brand of worker to the workplace. According to Tysiac, “Unlike the Millennials, who were mostly raised during times of relative prosperity, Gen Z was largely raised during a global recession and the painfully slow recovery that followed”.

In this article, Tysiac examines:

  • How Gen Z members are different from Millennials
  • What makes Gen Z members unique
  • What Gen Z members are looking for in the workplace

According to generational expert David Stillman, “Learning more about them can help leaders of the [business world] smoothly assimilate members of Gen Z into the workforce”. It will be interesting to see how the new generation adapts to the current workforce, and what changes they will bring with them. Regardless, the business world is about to shift dramatically.

To read more, see the full article from Ken Tysiac in the Journal of Accountancy.