Using The Right Data to Align Your Products & Services

While raw data is readily accessible in today’s modern world, not every business uses data to enhance a customer’s experience. Businesses can use data to align your products and services.

In an article from Disruption Hub, author Ryan Garner writes, “there is still a lot of debate around the best data source to generate customer and market insights. A lot of the discussion focuses on the limitations of each method; big data vs. survey data, quantitative vs. qualitative. It’s time we transcended our areas of specialism and preference in order to recognise the power of integrated thinking”.

In the article, Garner discusses:

  • All types of data have limitations
  • Integrating big data & survey data
  • Staying in touch with reality
  • The path to human insights

Garner continues, “collecting masses of data will not deliver the best outcome if you are not collecting the right data. Smart teams, using tools that offer the right data, from a mixture of optimal sources is the future of market research”. Is your business currently using data to enhance your products and services?

To read more, see the full article from Ryan Garner in Disruption Hub.