Will Mobile Visitors Skip Your Site?

Mobile search and internet usage has surpassed desktop activity in recent years and continues to grow. However, many businesses create media and marketing campaigns on desktop computers and don’t take into account that mobile visitors will interact with this media differently than desktop users.

To stay competitive, businesses need to address the different needs of mobile users. The first step is ensuring your site is mobile-responsive, then mobile-friendly. Make sure your readers don’t have to zoom in or mess with the screen in order to get the experience you’d like them to have. Pages need to have proper formatting, but they also need to load quickly without requiring much bandwidth. Readers may abandon a site if it takes too long to load, so it’s best to make sure they can access your site with ease. Research suggests that readers will give up on a site that takes longer than 20 seconds to load.

Avoid large blocks of text and keep blog articles short. Often, users have limited online time and won’t read something if it appears too lengthy. They look to blog posts for fresh content in a condensed form, and if they have further interest, they will click the link you provide. Photos, videos, and slideshows should be used to make your blog more visually appealing.

Social media should be a natural extension of any website, and this is especially true of your mobile site. Your content needs to be easy to share and you must be easy to find. Pay special attention to SEO keywords, but focus most on ensuring that mobile visitors are enjoying the same experience as desktop users.

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