Employee Spotlight – Allison Davis

  1. Where did you go to college?
  • Graduated Newberry College in 2013

2. What year did you join Scott and Company?

  • Joined Scott and Company in 2022

3. Why did you choose Scott and Company?

  • The firm was voted ‘South Carolina Best Places to Work’ which piqued my interest. However, the great attitudes and sincerity of the tax members I met with ultimately led me to choose Scott and Company as my employer. Now that I have been with the firm for over a year, it is clear to me why they are consistently voted ‘Best Places to Work.’ I plan to retire from Scott and Company.

4. Give summary of background work experience and tell about your current responsibilities at the firm, especially if you have a unique responsibility(s).

  • My initial vision of what I wanted to do in life was to become an attorney. I attended Charleston School of Law, but quickly realized this path was not for me. While ‘figuring out’ what it was that I was meant to become, I worked in fine dining. I enjoyed the work, but this was not the answer. I knew that I loved math, loved meeting and connecting with people, and loved solving puzzles for those who could benefit from what I know.  This was the beginning.  I decided to apply for accounting internships to see if accounting was a good fit for me.  It was.  I learned that accounting was much more than just math. There were tax laws, business operations, and many software programs to learn about. As a senior tax accountant at the firm, I get to use my math skills, and meet and work with many people, preparing individual and business tax returns, and all the things I love doing. This was it; I can not see myself pursuing anything else. I love the everyday ‘puzzles’ and I can truly say, I love my job.

5. What do you enjoy most about living in Columbia?

  • Living in the small town of Prosperity, I am about 45 minutes outside of Columbia. While I enjoy the benefits of a small town, I love traveling to the ‘big city.’ Considering myself a small town country girl, it is kind of a big deal for me to work in a multi-story building right in Columbia.

6. Where is your favorite place to go and why?

  • I enjoy going different places and often. Experiencing a variety of cultures and landscape with my new little family is a dream come true. I especially enjoy other South Carolina small towns and what all they have to offer. 

   What book or movie do you recommend to others and why? 

  • The Accountant – #1 it has a great story line, #2 Ben Affleck, and #3 it makes my job look super cool

7. What interesting fact would you most like your readers to know about you?

  • One summer I worked for a ranch and was asked to carry a sponsor flag in one of the rodeos. This was a dream come true for me!  I absolutely love horses and thought, “My nine-year-old self would be so proud!”

Allison carrying the flag in the Georgia rodeo

Everyone near and dear to our hearts. Family and friends at my daughter’s first birthday party.