Accounting Services


Making good decisions starts with having good data.

Efficient business processes are critical to effective management.  Yet most businesses struggle with the set-up of systems, management of staff and timely report generation.  At Scott and Company, our team takes an active role in understanding your business, information needs, staff structure and internal processes. This allows us to provide systems tailored to your company.

Scott and Company’s bookkeeping services include:

  • Post cash receipts and disbursements
  • Reconcile bank accounts monthly
  • Process accounts payable including obtaining proper account codes
  • Manage payroll and payroll reporting
  • Set up customized chart of accounts
  • Manage invoicing and accounts receivable
  • Bill pay (paperless accounts payable solution)
  • Payroll services
  • Financial statements (monthly, quarterly and annually)

Outsourced CFO

Many successful companies cannot or choose not to maintain a full internal accounting staff to meet their needs. As businesses become more complex, it is increasingly difficult for owners to find time to assess the trends affecting operations. Accordingly, many companies utilize outsourced professionals for their accounting and finance needs. Scott and Company offers outsourced CFO operations to alleviate this stress, providing your business with what’s important to maintain and grow. We customize our outsourced CFO services to align with the needs of your business, and to give you the help and support you require.

For more information please contact John Price at [email protected].