Outsourced Tax Director Services

As businesses become more complex, it is increasingly difficult for business owners to assess the trends affecting operations – or to even find time to try. In addition, many businesses cannot or choose not to maintain a full time tax director. Accordingly, many successful companies utilize outsourced professionals for their accounting and tax needs. To meet these needs, we offer customized outsourced tax director services to align with the needs of your business, and to give you the help and support you require.

Scott and Company currently assists companies by providing a variety of integrated and seamless services. Specifically, we can assist your business in the following areas:

  • Multi-state income tax compliance
  • Multi-state sales tax compliance
  • Commercial activity tax (CAT)
  • BIRT
  • Multi-state property tax compliance
  • Other state taxes
  • Income tax provisions – 10 Ks and 10 Qs
  • Canadian tax compliance – value added tax
  • Tax stream software installation and maintenance

For more information on how Scott and Company can help with your outsourced tax director services, please contact Member Bill West at [email protected].

Outsourced Tax Services

Companies are often struggle with resource constraints when dealing with the corporate tax function. Either there is not sufficient work to support a full time competent tax professional with the depth of experience to deal with the companies tax needs or such professional are simply not available in your market. Scott and Company tax professionals have assisted companies ranging from small businesses to large, multinational, public companies in fulfilling the various roles of their tax function for over seven years. We can assist you with roles as small as fulfilling monthly sales and payroll compliance needs, all the way to performing the full function of a multinational tax department, including corporate provisions, income tax returns, sales and use tax returns, property returns, Canadian VAT and other miscellaneous taxes. Our professionals have experience working in such roles supporting companies and their Big 4 auditors. We also have experience in the installation and maintenance of Tax Stream tax provision software.