Sam Wheeler

What year did you join Scott and Company?
I joined the Scott and Company team in 2012. 
Where did you go to college?
I attended Lander University for my undergrad degree and went on to receive my MBA from Winthrop University.
Why did you join Scott and Company?
Scott and Company has the best work life balance of any other firm in the state. I also like that we have an alliance with BDO, which provides us with the resources, training and manpower that other local and regional firms can’t match.
What do you enjoy most about living in Columbia?
The great local restaurants and short drive to the beach or mountains is what I love most about living in Columbia.
If you could have any super power what would it be and why?
I have two kids under the age of 3, so my superpower would be a mute button that I could hit in the evening when they are both in meltdown mode.  I’d also take tomahawk slam dunking a basketball as a very close second.