Tony Perricelli, CPA

What inspired you to become an accountant?
My first accounting professor truly enjoyed the profession. Her enthusiasm and my technical skill prompted me to learn more. I also liked the symmetry of bookkeeping.
What do you enjoy most about Columbia?
Columbia is a wonderful place to raise a family. We have strong community resources and a rich culture. Being in the middle of the state keeps us close to the best of South Carolina – the mountains, the coast, and rich history.
Where is the coldest place you’ve been?
St. Petersburg, Russia. My wife and I traveled there in winter to bring our daughter home when she was 18 months old.
Why did you choose Scott and Company?
I never wanted to work for an international firm because I wanted a different relationship with my clients – being a partner and advisor. Scott and Company stood out from other local firms because the talented, principled professionals here were focused on growth and technology.
What’s your favorite food?
It would have to be chopped or pulled pork barbecue. I have a soft spot for mustard-based sauces, though I also enjoy barbecue sauces from other regions.
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