John Price, CPA – Officiating Football Story

Those that know John Price, know that officiating football brings him great joy!  With 14 years of officiating under his belt, this “white hat” (referee) knows the rules of the game and how to keep the players safe.  Because of his knowledge and dedication, John has been chosen to officiate three state championship games, the 2013 North-South All Star game and most recently,  a once in a career opportunity for high school officials, John was selected to officiate the 2015 Shrine Bowl All-Star game.

A Clemson University graduate, John began with Scott and Company in 2002.  A Certified Public Accountant, John is a Member of the firm and specializes in small and large business corporate taxation, tax research, and multi-state area of individual taxation.  John enjoys living in Columbia due to its mid-state location and short drive to the countryside, while being large enough to have that “big city feel”.

John contributes much of his success in officiating to his profession as a certified public accountant.  “Having a career as a tax accountant, there are many rules to follow that are continually changing.  This is the same for officiating; rules change from season to season.  It seems that developing the capacity to remember all that an accountant must know, made it a bit easier to remember all the rules of football”, says, John.   John enjoys the game, the sportsmanship, and working with the young men he encourages to not only be good players, but good citizens of our community.

When asked what super power he would most like to possess, John says that he would like to have the ability to travel through time so that he could be an eyewitness to key events throughout history.  Super powers, or not, Scott and Company is proud to have John on our team!